AVerMedia Adds the new Lightweight and Compact 16CH Embedded Hybrid DVR to its EH1000H-4 Nano Series

Taipei, Taiwan – June 24, 2011 – AVerMedia, a major global provider of presentation, security, and communication solutions, today announced the soon will be launched lightweight and compact 16CH H.264 embedded hybrid DVR- The EH1116H-4 Nano to complete its EH1000H-4 Nano series. The EH1116H-4 Nano will be positioned to fit virtually any security requirements from small to medium-sized businesses’, retail chain stores as well as residential applications’ with additional exclusive advanced functions.

“We have completed the price-friendly EH1000H-4 Nano series that ranges from 4CH, 8CH, and after the newly introduced 16CH IP and analog video inputs. Said Michael Ting, Vice President of AVerMedia Information Inc. “The EH1000H-4 Nano hybrid DVR series will be truly the alternative to users who have concerned for better and more stable surveillance DVR and HD video image quality, but don’t want to spend too much on the security DVR since small business owners usually allow limited security budget .”

The competitively priced EH1000H-4 Nano have added the unique features of Intelligent streaming technology for IP cameras and Dual streaming technology for analog cameras that have significantly improved the preview performance at remote and DVR sites when fully connected to IP and analog cameras. Offering web-based access, the EH1000H-4 Nano provides user with support of centralized surveillance management station- CM3000/CM3000 Gold, and quick mobile application access to their businesses and residential sites, allowing users to instantly view live video from their iPhone, Android phones, or blackberries. Simply connect the EH1000H-4 Nano to AVerMedia data box and POS system, the POS functions can provide text overlay and display, offering users to monitor live images with transaction text at the convenience of their office and home.